E – Canteen
Frequently asked Questions

Dear Parents, 


We are happy to announce that over the summer holidays, we have transformed our entire canteen operations. We decided that this was an area that needed improvement, therefore we focused energies to introduce better ingredients and more variety with an international flair. 

Moreover, we have a team of people in our kitchen that are passionate about food and dedicated to creating a better culinary experience for our students. 

We invite you to sign up and subscribe on https://poznanisop.loca.pl/. The menu for September has been posted there and you will also be able to order and cancel meals as per your preference. Please create an account to place your order.

After you have subscribed and paid for the meals, your child will be provided with a key fob to receive lunches. 

Instead of the Canteen Shop, we have installed 2 vending machines with school approved healthy snacks. To use the machine, please provide your child with 1zl, 2zl or 5zl coins.  

We intend to have a canteen shop that will sell sandwiches and other hot snacks sometime later in the school year.

Dear Parents,

As an update to the above information, we would like to add that for those students that do not eat meat,  we will have a vegetarian option each day. Quantities of this option may be limited and we request that you use the E-Canteen application to send us your requests.
Regarding students that have unique needs, such as  intolerance to lactose or gluten or other allergens, we are unable to accommodate such requests at the present time.  We are working on this and possibly in the future, we may be able to provide such options.

Drodzy Rodzice,

W ramach aktualizacji powyższych informacji chcielibyśmy dodać, że dla tych uczniów, którzy nie jedzą mięsa, będziemy mieli każdego dnia opcję wegetariańską. Ilość tej opcji może być ograniczona i prosimy o korzystanie z aplikacji E-Canteen, aby wysłać nam swoje prośby.
Jeśli chodzi o uczniów, którzy mają wyjątkowe potrzeby, takie jak nietolerancja laktozy, glutenu lub innych alergenów, w chwili obecnej nie jesteśmy w stanie spełnić takich próśb.  Pracujemy nad tym i być może w przyszłości będziemy w stanie zapewnić takie opcje.