Didactic – compensatory activities

The main aim of the classes is to boost the educational chances and to develop the key competences related to mathematics and language.  We try to increase the chances of having an academically successful child.

Corrective – compensatory activities
The goal of these classes is to correct student’s learning difficulties (by revising, modifying, exercising and improving student’s cognitive function such as memory, reasoning, attention, perception). We show students how to overcome disabilities (ie. dyslexia) by enhancing their strengths.

Direct Consultation
The school counselors serve and support both students and parents. The goal of the consultation is to empower those involved to assist students in the areas of personal/social, academic and/or career development.

Workshops for Parents
Our school psychologist also conducts workshops for Parents. Every workshop incorporates our unique IB philosophy that will guide you in any parenting challenge. Workshops concern everything from behavior and temperament to discipline and limit-setting and help parents deepen their connection to their children and foster self-esteem. We offer two sessions: morning and afternoon.

Recent workshops:

– The Carrot and the Stick Approach – How to Motivate Students to Learn?
– Screen Addictions.
– Who Carries a School Backpack? Helping Your Child to Be Independent.
– In the Search of Emotions – How to Recognize and Control Them.
– How to Be a Good and Effective Parent? – The Introduction to Positive Discipline.
– How to Help My Child Become Successful?

“Being a parent would be much easier if we were able to implement all that we plan. However, it doesn’t happen very often because of the emotions and our spontaneous reactions. I would love to see you all at the workshops as it is very important for us to help you support your children at home.”

Robert Stube