Our Middle School programme focuses on creating the right environment for a child to transition from the integrated education into the middle school environment, and on incorporating their own rational personal value system that will have long lasting implications well into High School and further. This programme revolves around providing students with the knowledge and skills to become responsible and capable to address challenges, to function at all levels of society and learn to process and create knowledge.




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Middle School curriculum aims to further develop what students have learned in PYP and also introduce new subjects and more advanced concepts with the goal of preparing students for high school. The curriculum includes engaging activities in math, language arts, science all of which are consistent with international standards and include elements of national standards.

Middle School Subject Groups







Emphasis on language development

The study of languages teaches and encourages respect for others and gives an insight into different cultures. Foreign languages change and expand one’s view of the world,  provide unique experiences, and make  students open-minded and tolerant.
English as a language of instruction, Polish as a host language, Spanish or German as additional languages – all of them provide cognitive benefits for all Middle School Students.

Introduction to Sciences

Scientific inquiry fosters critical and creative thinking about research and design, as well as the identification of assumptions and alternative explanations.
Students are encouraged to investigate through research, observation and experimentation, and that leads them to become more knowledgeable in all the science subjects.
MS sciences courses include Biology (throughout the whole programme), Chemistry, Physics (G7-G8).

Cultural Diversity

ISoP gives a unique opportunity to enhance the understanding of the cultural impact on our lives. Every year we celebrate International Cultures Day which helps students recognize that diverse cultures and civilizations can contribute to and are crucial for sustainable development.

Importance of Sports

Sport  is beneficial for both mental and physical well-being. Not only does  it strengthen bones and tone muscles, but  it also helps children improve their academic performance and teach them the value of teamwork. Here at ISoP, we understand the importance of sport in our lives and we tailor our programmes to incorporate the appropriate number of extracurricular activities into the students’ daily routine.

After School Clubs

We offer a selected number of afterschool activities (Clubs) for our Middle Schoolers, which are designed to correlate with their curriculum. Afterschool programmes can support social, emotional, cognitive and academic development and also promote physical health in a safe and supportive environment.

White School – Green School – Excursions

They provide practical memories, offer real-world experience and improve the classroom environment. The students have the opportunity to get to know their peers better, particularly those outside of their usual friendship circles. They build confidence, develop independence and foster better student-teacher relationships.

MS Gradutaion

When finally the Graduation Day comes, our Middle Schooler is ready, equipped and prepared to take on the challenges in High School. We celebrate this important milestone of their academic progress with a Graduation Ceremony and all qualified Middle Schoolers are awarded certificates for the successful completion of their Middle School journey. It is a joyous and happy occasion for students, parents, and teachers alike.

MS Leadership Team

Ms.Aneta Zbucka

Primary School Principal

“I am happy that my career has led me to a point where I can combine my interest in education, leadership and different cultures. I believe in education that puts children at the centre of their learning and fosters positive values and attitudes. I am privileged to see our students on daily basis – the walking evidence that our work here at ISoP does pay off.”

Ms. Marta Celmer

MS Coordinator

“I aim to create an open-minded, positive and stimulating atmosphere while interacting both with students and teachers. I believe that by bringing consistency, diligence and warmth to my job I can ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in the children as well.”

MS Support Staff

The ones that make our MS work smoothly

Ms. Agnieszka Hibner

“As your child becomes teenager and begins the journey through Middle and High School, I will be there to assist. Parents will get to know me during the admission process and further on can always count on my help with administrative issues, paper work or any requests concerning their child’s education at ISoP Middle School and High School.”

Ms. Katarzyna Milejczak

“Sooner or later most ISoP kids do pass by my office. It might just be a band-aid on a bruise, a runny nose, or a belly ache. I am here to help all students and to provide medical first aid. I am the ISoP Nurse and have seen it all.”