The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities, and evidence suggests that higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students. The DP is a comprehensive and balanced two-year curriculum and assessment system that requires students to study six subjects and core components across all disciplines. Within this structured framework, the DP provides a great deal of flexibility, accommodating student interests and abilities.

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Stage 2 of 2: DP1, DP2

Students who get here have been duly prepared and are now ready to take the final stage of their HS journey. These students are among the few that form the elite global community of the DP students.
IB DP is respected by leading universities across the globe, including Poland.

IB DP gives you the tools to build a strong foundation for whatever career (or careers) you choose to pursue over the course of your working life. From soft-skills, management, to the technical aspects behind various businesses, your education is designed to equip you with all the basics you need to succeed.
IB DP Core

The IB DP Core aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. The three IB DP Core elements are:

Theory of Knowledge

Students reflect on the nature of knowledge and on how we know what we claim to know.

Extended Essay

An independent,
self-directed piece of research culminating in a 4,000-word essay

Creativity, Activity,
Service (CAS)

Students complete a set of projects related to those three concepts.

IB DP Subject Groups:

Group I
Studies in Language & Literature / Language A

Student’s first or best language,  including the study of selection of  world literature

Subject Choices at ISoP
Polish A: Literature SL/HL,
English A: Literature SL/HL

Group II
Language Acquisition / Language B
Second modern language courses or classical languages

Subject Choices at ISoP
English B HL,
Spanish B SL/HL,
German B SL/HL

Group III
Individuals & Societies

History, Geography, Business Management, etc.

Subject Choices at ISoP
History (of Europe) SL/HL, Geography SL/HL

Group IV
Experimental Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science

Subject Choices at ISoP
Biology SL/HL,
Chemistry SL/HL,
Physics SL/HL,
Computer Science SL/HL

Group V

Analysis and Approaches (AA) SL/HL,
Applications and Interpretation (AI) SL

Subject Choices at ISoP
Mathematics AA HL,
Mathematics AA SL,
Mathematical AI SL

Group VI
The Arts/Electives

Subject Choices at ISoP
Elective – a subject from groups: II, III or IV

Our Teachers!

Probably the most experienced, amazing and passionate IB-trained group of teachers in Poland. Many of our teachers have been teaching DP since 1997 and serve as IB examiners.

Our Resources and Facilities:

Well-equipped Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology  Lab, ICT Lab, onsite Library, modern technology  (computers, smart boards, etc.), online access to JSTOR for HS/DP Students​.

Our Experience:

Running the IB DP program since 2008. Approx. 400 DP alumni studying at leading universities around the globe: Oxford, Cambridge, Bocconi, Manchester, MIT, University of Amsterdam, University of Copenhagen, Singapore University, Seoul University, and many more!

Our Results:

Outstanding academic results: 100% pass rate of the IB DP exam – results consistently exceeding the global average.

DP graduates are well-equipped to adjust, engage and succeed. They graduate with analytical, writing, communication and presentation skills; research experience; excellent organization and time management; the ability to approach a topic from multiple perspectives; and a deep understanding of academic concepts. This provides an excellent foundation for them to prosper at their chosen university.

London School of Economics

Diploma Programme students are well-rounded, multifaceted, multi-skilled and have studies in depth. They have good time-management skills. They score higher than students in other national systems, and the IB score is worldwide the same measure.”

Hrilina Lock,
undergraduate admissions manager,
London School of Economics, UK

Princeton University

The IB is a first-rate program, one we are familiar with, and it prepares students well for a university like ours..”

Fred Hargadon,
Director of Undergraduate Admissions,
Princeton University, USA

Harvard University

“IB is known to us as an excellent preparation. Success in an IB program correlates well with success at Harvard. We are pleased to see the credential of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript.”

Marlyn McGrath Lewis,
Assistant dean of admissions,
Harvard University, USA

The IB has answered frequently asked questions about the IB DP and admission to university.
Here is a short clip showcasing one of the many initiatives undertaken by DP students here at ISoP to express their views, their ideas, their ideals and their understanding of the world around them. The unique experiences of the DP prepares students to be successful for themselves and for others.

DP Leadership Team

Mr. Andrzej Michalczyk

High School Principal

“I graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University with a degree in History. I am a veteran educator with 22 years experience as a teacher and 18 years as an IB examiner. Albert Einstein’s words: “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn,” encompass my teaching philosophy.”

Ms. Ewa Łysiak

High School Vice Principal & DP Coordinator

“I believe that the concept of international mindedness ought to be a fundamental part of any modern-day education. However, it does not happen automatically by learning in a multicultural environment. There is a strong need for all of us to think of intercultural engagement with local and global issues so developing an internationally-minded attitude is at the heart of our program.”

DP Support Staff

The ones that make our HS work smoothly

Ms. Agnieszka Hibner

“As your child becomes teenager and begins the journey through Middle and High School, I will be there to assist. Parents will get to know me during the admission process and further on can always count on my help with administrative issues, paper work or any requests concerning their child’s education at ISoP Middle School and High School.”

Ms. Katarzyna Milejczak

“Sooner or later most ISoP kids do pass by my office. It might just be a band-aid on a bruise, a runny nose, or a belly ache. I am here to help all students and to provide medical first aid. I am the ISoP Nurse and have seen it all.”