IB World School

Our education philosophy and core values, although much more than a collections of carefully chosen words can be best summarized as :

Our community is international, and our vision is global. We celebrate diversity and value our local heritage. Our environment is one of equality and intercultural respect. We spark curiosity, encourage creative thinking and reward effort. Self-respect, compassion and kindness are just as important as academics. We pursue excellence through challenging programs, rigorous assessment and high standards of behavior. We continually inspire and challenge young minds to be responsible life-long learners who care for our planet and make a positive difference in a changing world.
We Foster Community and Empower Individuals ….

K1, K2, G1

G2 to G5

G6 to G8

HS 0

HS1, HS2

DP1, DP2

From humble beginnings . . . .

We have been serving our community of local and international students in Poznan since September 1, 2005. By 2008, we were one of the first schools in Poznan authorized by the International Baccelerate (IB) to teach the Diploma Programme. Then in 2010, our Primary School received authorization from the IB to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP). We now have over 600 students enrolled in the many programmes that we offer taught by close to a 100 skilled teachers and we remain committed to continually invest in our facilities and faculty.

Pedagogical Leadership Team

Ms. Aneta Zbucka

(Primary School Principal)

Mr. Andrzej Michalczyk

(High School Principal)

Ms. Malgorzata Pyda

(PYP Vice Principal & Coordinator)

Ms. Marta Celmer

(Middle School Vice Principal & Coordinator)

Ms. Ewa Łysiak

(High School Vice Principal & DP Coordinator)

Ms. Iwona Richter

(High School Vice Principal)


We are a non-public school with a legal status of a public school, registered at the Department of Education of the City of Poznań.  We implement  international programs as well as elements of the Polish core curriculum. Students that make the grade receive Polish certificates according to the relevant MEN regulations. PYP, Middle School and the Diploma Programme students additionally receive internationally accepted certificates and report cards.

IB World School

In April 2008, the International Baccalaureate (IB) authorized our school to teach the IB Diploma Programme.

In December 2010, our school was authorized to run the Primary Years Programme (PYP) by the IB.

Foundation and School Governing Body

Management Board
Foundation Council

European Funds

2020-22 European Plan School Development
Expanding Knowledge & Skills