High School is the time when students transition from being kids to becoming young adults. Here at ISoP, our teachers are keenly aware of this critical stage in the development of each child and work together with them to develop skills, understanding, consideration and international mindedness for them to progress through their years in High School enroute to the Diploma Programme.

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The ISOP High School is not only about a set curriculum. At ISoP stdents get involved in a variety of extra curricular activities: Model United Nations, Oxford Debates, Amnesty International, Economics Club, GreenHearted Club, Basketball Team, Erasmus+ Eljub (Meetings of European Youth), career guidance workshops, charity events, various workshops (for example: Shaping Fair Cities – Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals), volunteering opportunities, national and international trips and many more activities.

At ISoP, you can expect an atmosphere which:


  • is rich in diversity, promotes compassion and respect towards all and views the world without borders.
  • is conducive to development of needed skills, holistic comprehension of academic subjects and positive mental attitude required for real-life challenges and opportunities.
  • stimulates critical, analytical and creative thinking and at the same time encourages climate consciousness, sustainability and a global mindset.
  • teaches efficient time-managements skills geared towards completion of the goals and tasks thereby instilling a strong sense of achievement and self-confidence.
  • prepares our High School graduates effectively and thoroughly for their journey onward

High School Preparatory Class



High School Preparatory Class

also known as the 0 class

This class was uniquely created by ISoP for those students who would like to join our High School program but may need a little more work with their English language skills. Think of this class as a bridge for non-native English speakers to transition smoothly over to ISoP High School where English is the language of instruction.

  • All students applying to ISoP High School are required to take an entry exam. Based on the results, some students are enrolled to 0 Class, some directly to HS1.
  • 0 Class takes you through an exciting journey of learning through the world of English language, literature, traditions and culture.
  • 0 Class teachers are dedicated and experienced teachers from our reputed IB DP.
  • Approx. 24 hours of English classes per week, additional Polish, Math, History, PE and Science lessons.
  • Your time in the 0 Class is structured so that you are prepared for the transition to our High School program taught in English. 

The first two years of High School.
HS1, HS2

STAGE 1 of 2

  • ​Stepping stone to the IB Diploma Programme.
  • A two-year course preparing English-speaking students for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.
  • HS1-HS2 program is based on the Polish curriculum, however, taking inspiration from the best elements of international programs. At the end of each year, students receive Polish national diplomas.
  • HS1-HS2 program is designed to lay a strong foundation for a truly international education. Most classes are taught in English.
  • Students who successfully complete Stage 1 take an internal exam to qualify to Stage 2 – the IB DP.

HS Leadership Team

Mr. Andrzej Michalczyk

High School Principal

“I graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University with a degree in History. I am a veteran educator with 22 years experience as a teacher and 18 years as an IB examiner. Albert Einstein’s words: “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn,” encompass my teaching philosophy.”

Ms. Ewa Łysiak

High School Vice Principal & DP Coordinator

“I believe that the concept of international mindedness ought to be a fundamental part of any modern-day education. However, it does not happen automatically by learning in a multicultural environment. There is a strong need for all of us to think of intercultural engagement with local and global issues so developing an internationally-minded attitude is at the heart of our program.”

HS Support Staff

The ones that make our HS work smoothly

Ms. Agnieszka Hibner

“As your child becomes teenager and begins the journey through Middle and High School, I will be there to assist. Parents will get to know me during the admission process and further on can always count on my help with administrative issues, paper work or any requests concerning their child’s education at ISoP Middle School and High School.”

Ms. Katarzyna Milejczak

“Sooner or later most ISoP kids do pass by my office. It might just be a band-aid on a bruise, a runny nose, or a belly ache. I am here to help all students and to provide medical first aid. I am the ISoP Nurse and have seen it all.”