MS in Brief

Middle School (MS) programme  provides a framework of academic challenges and life skills for students aged 11-15. The key concepts of holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication are the fundamentals of teaching and learning. The programme prepares students for the needs of the Diploma Programme (DP) and meets the demands of most national curricula. During the programme students experience gradual increases in personal responsibility and in academic challenges, while they are encouraged to try new things and test themselves as learners during this time in personal development. In their final year students work on an independent ‘educational project,’ which demonstrates the development of their skills acquired during the whole five-year learning process. The academic curriculum is well-rounded, with courses in the six major disciplines:  languages, humanities,  sciences, art, technology and physical education. Interdisciplinary themes and the ‘educational project’ are at the core of the Middle School programme; during the educational process  students are exposed to broad knowledge, real- life skills and  diversity of cultural perspectives, all leading to the attainment of high learning standards.