Our wonderful team of skilled chefs, who, in cooperation with our dietician, create a healthy, modern, balanced and tasty menu for our children. Our meals are:

  •         balanced – based on Instytut Zywności i Zywienia and WHO’s guidelines
  •         natural – building immunity and supporting growth and emotional development of children
  •         prepared without artificial flavors, additives or sodium glutamate (MSG)
  •         consisting of whole grains (kashas, rice, whole wheat, etc.)
  •         prepared without highly processed ingredients
  •         prepared with lower amounts of white sugar
  •         consisting of proper amounts of proteins, including vegetable protein
  •         cooked with high quality fats
  •         meeting diet and/or religious preferences

Please note that outside catering is not accepted at ISoP. Students have an option to purchase lunches at our canteen or bring lunch from home and have the food reheated by our staff in the lunchroom.

School Canteen

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Telephone 1: 533 870 087

Telephone 2: 570 369 361