Every student attending ISoP must wear a school uniform when at school, Monday through Friday. This creates a strong sense of identity and pride in the school and it helps promote school values and discipline. Furthermore, it creates a safe and positive environment in which teaching and learning can be maximised.

Following items constitute as ISoP school uniform (available at shop.isop.pl):

Original ISoP short-sleeve polo – white and navy; pink and blue – discontinued colors

Original ISoP long-sleeve polo – white and navy; pink and blue – discontinued colors

Original ISoP Oxford white shirt (adult sizes only)  

Original ISoP navy sweatshirt (worn only on top of school polo or shirt)

Original ISoP navy sweater – NEW ITEM on sale soon – (adult sizes only)


Bottom garments are up to students, however, must be neat and school-appropriate.

The school logo must be visible at all times. No non-uniform tops are allowed inside the school. Tampering with the uniform is strictly prohibited.

General appearance of a student must be neat and school-appropriate (for example, no torn clothes, baggy pants, etc. are allowed). Uniform must be appropriately sized, shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff when sitting and standing. Sweatshirt may be worn only over ISoP polo or ISoP shirt. Undergarments must not be showing at any time. Hats and sunglasses can only be worn outside. Shoes that have laces, must be laced and tied. Shoes must be worn at all times.

PYP students are required to have a pair of shoes at school designated solely for indoor use.

School staff has the right to stop any student who does not comply with the ISoP Official School Uniform and General Appearance Policy. Disciplinary action might be taken.

ISoP PE Uniform

Separate PE Uniform is required for all students but does not constitute as a regular school uniform.

ISoP PE Uniform consists of original ISoP white sports T-shirt (available at shop.isop.pl). Pants/shorts are arbitrary, but only solid navy or black. Original ISoP sweatshirt might be worn when outside. Optional ISoP tracksuit may be purchased at  Red Box Store, ul. Promienista 27, Poznań. Sports shoes with light-colored rubber non-marking soles are required. No boots, slippers or sandals, etc.



International School of Poznan Taczanowskiego 18 60-147 Poznań tel: +48.61.646.3760 info@isop.pl

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