School Structure

The International School of Poznan is a non-public school with a legal status of a public school, registered at the Department of Education of the City of Poznań. PYP and DP programs are authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB).

Primary Years Programme (PYP) – K1-K2, G1-G5 – offers IB-authorized PYP and Polish National Curriculum

Middle School (MS) – G6-G10 – offers an international program and Polish National Curriculum

Bilingual School – VII Grade Bilingual Elementary School and Bilingual Gimnasium (GII-GIII) – offers Polish National Curriculum in taught in Polish with an extended English language program

High School offers Entry Class (0 Class – English crash course) and the IB-authorized Diploma Programme (IBI-IBIII)

International School of Poznan Taczanowskiego 18 60-147 Poznań tel: +48.61.646.3760

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