2017/18 – PYP recruitment process (K-G5)
Deadlines for submitting application forms:
4 year olds (students born in 2013) – February 12th, 2017
5 year olds (students born in 2012) – February 12th, 2017
Grade 1 – first grade – (students born in 2011, 2010) –  February 12th, 2017
Grades 2-5 – no open enrollment. Applications will be reviewed individually. English language proficiency test might be required.
Application forms can be found at http://www.isop.pl/en/admissions/. Applications must be fully completed and signed by parents/legal guardians of the applicant. Forms can be emailed, mailed or delivered in person to the office.
Registration fee of 1200 PLN is due once a student is admitted to school. All fees are payable via wire transfer or in cash at the office.
Application process:
Once the application forms are received by the deadlines indicated above, the school with schedule the following:
4 year olds – a group meeting with all parents/legal guardians
5 year olds – an individual meeting with the parents/legal guardians of the applicant AND a group meeting with the applicants
Grade 1 – individual meeting with parents/legal guardians of the applicant AND an individual meeting with the applicant
Parents/legal guardians of students applying with Special Needs may be invited to an additional meeting.